The PackPillow is the flagship product by HighMeadowGear an outdoor gear design company focusing on the most unique and innovative gear designs in the industry. 

Media Contacts

Press or Media Inquiries: info@getpackpillow.com  

Media Kit: PackPillow Media Kit

The Team


Pearce Aurigemma
Product Development

"I designed the PackPillow to be great because I want it myself"


Ian Hansen
Tech Manager

"Just put zzzz so people think I am sleeping on the pillow"


Leah Spielmaker
Customer Success

"I can't claim all credit to how awesome the PackPillow is, but I will anyways"


Mariann Voda
Apparel Technical Designer

"When you say you love this pillow remember that I designed the seams"


The Origin Story

Summer of 2013 we were backpacking in Grant Teton National Park, we were setting up camp and noticed a curious looking item in one of our friend's tents.  It turned out to be a pillow, where clothes were used for filling. Sitting around the fire we discussed the features and how it could be improved. Jump to the end of 2015, Pearce our head of product development decided that the PackPillow was worth the time and investment to design and create.  

PackPillow History

The team came together in 2015 with initial designs and hand sewn prototypes.  Throughout 2016 the team focused on a high-quality design by sourcing fabrics and parts directly from the manufacturer to ensure consistency.  In 2017 the team mapped out all the logistics with backup plans to ensure we would deliver the order of PackPillows on schedule. On May 2nd, 2017 the PackPillow Kickstarter campaign was launched and exceeded the goal within the first 4 hours. June 2017 the campaign ended with the PackPillow being over 400% funded.  As of today, the team continues to deliver a high-quality PackPillow to adventurers around the world. 

HQ Office Location

851 N Rengstorff Ave

Mountain View, CA 94043